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Piper Control Yoke Universal Joint Kits

Piper Replacement Parts for Control Yoke Universal Joints and Service Kits are available for aircraft affected by AD 2010-15-10.

AD 2010-15-10 requires inspection of the connection between the control yoke universal joint and the shaft on the forward (engine) end of the joint. This inspection is a convenient time to replace worn out u-joints.

McFarlane Aviation Products has created kits that contain components to help comply with the AD and Service Bulletin including the u-joint, shaft, taper pins, taper reamer, drill bit and other hardware.

These kits can be purchased with or without the tools. You will note the part numbers with the “T” suffix include the tools.

Part numbers and eligibility are listed in the Application Guide. Please click on the Application Guide and Product Information below for addition information and to select the kit for your application.

Click to View Application Guide and Product Information

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