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MC0726110-1 Cessna Fuel Quantity Transmitter
MC0726110-1 Cessna Fuel Quantity Transmitter
Fuel Quantity Transmitter

Direct replacement Stewart Warner fuel quantity transmitter uses rectangular, black cellular rubber float, and incorporates Stewart Warner's long-life ceramic, thick film resistor. Engineered to be compatible with the original fuel quantity gauge and wiring.

Fits most Cessna 180, 182, 185, 205, 206 and 207 aircraft. See "View Eligible Aircraft" for serial number eligibility. Available separately or in fuel quantity transmitter with gaskets (p/ns FQT-KT-3, FQT-KT-5 and FQT-KT-6).

McFarlane fuel quantity transmitters are direct replacements for the fuel quantity transmitter originally installed by the manufacturer. Designed to work with the original fuel gauges; they save hundreds of dollars in labor and kits and eliminates replacement of fuel quantity gauges and wiring when not required. McFarlane fuel quantity transmitters are engineered for compatible with original fuel quantity gauges and wiring and which use time proven technology for reliability. Each McFarlane fuel quantity transmitter is manufactured using the new Stewart Warner thick film technology. The thick film resistor is printed on a ceramic base and then laser trimmed to a specific resistance profile. The laser, controlled by the resistance of the thick film as it's cut, produces resistors consistent in accuracy and in resistance profile. The benefits of the thick film technology are longer service life, increased accuracy and resolution. All components are thoroughly tested, ensuring your satisfaction with our product.

McFarlane fuel quantity transmitter gaskets are made from DuPont Viton. Viton is the premier elastomer of the aerospace industry, offering flexibility and fuel resistance at all temperature extremes. Viton gaskets will not dry out or shrink like cork gaskets and do not harden with age like gaskets made from other elastomers.

McFarlane Screw/Seal assemblies have been engineered to eliminate chronic problems associated with fuel quantity transmitter hardware.

For Cessna aircraft, the screw/seal assemblies feature hex head drive screws are made from stainless steel to eliminate the corrosion and promote seal function for an extended time period. The hex drive also simplifies installation by eliminating the necessity for destructive down pressure  on the fuel tank during transmitter screw removal and installation. The stainless steel Viton seal used on the hex drive screw provides a modern solution to leak prevention not available with the originally installed cork or rubber washer.

Do not replace the Rochester fuel quantity transmitter with the Stewart Warner transmitters. The electrical function is not compatible. Stewart Warner transmitters must be used to replace Stewart Warner transmitters only. Replacing the Rochester transmitter with the Stewart Warner transmitter will result in erroneous fuel quantity indications.

Some Cessna and Piper aircraft have been modified with a Service Kit to use the
Rochester fuel quantity indicating system. This modification required changing the fuel quantity gauge, transmitter, and other electrical components. Do not use the McFarlane (Stewart Warner) transmitters as a replacement for these aircraft.



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