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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase from Aircraft Supply?

Aircraft Supply has a successful over 50 year history in the aircraft parts business. Aircraft Supply is owned and managed by aircraft maintenance professionals with years of hands on experience in aircraft maintenance and FAA Repair Station Operations. We have been there and understand how important it is to get you the right parts at the right price and in a timely manner.

Aircraft Supply inventories tens of thousands of line items and maintains distributorships for major product lines. We continue to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our sales and technical staff stand ready to work with you to get the right parts for your aircraft at competitive pricing.

What Make and Model Aircraft do you supply parts for?

Aircraft Supply inventories parts for a wide range of aircraft. We stock parts and rotables for most major manufacturers including Piston Powered Single and Twin Aircraft, Turboprop Aircraft and Jet Aircraft. (Please click on the Services tab for details). We also stock hardware, shop supplies, tools and ground support equipment. If you don't see what you are looking for call or email us. Our inventory updates daily and we maintain data bases to help you locate those hard to find items.

Will you help me if I have a special order?

Aircraft Supply has helped thousands of customers locate hard to find parts. We maintain special inventories we have purchased in bulk to provide availability of original equipment out of production items. Let us know what we may help with.

What is a Core Charge?

Certain items that are routinely repaired or overhauled such as starters, alternators, fuel pumps etc. are sold exchange. The overhauled or repaired unit is priced based on overhaul/repair cost and assumes that the overhaul company will receive a like economically repairable item in return. The core charge is a deposit to be held until an acceptable core is received. In rare cases cores are not repairable which will cause the core deposit to be liquidated. If this occurs you may request your original part to be returned to you plus the cost of shipping, if desired.

I have noticed there are categories titled Miscellaneous, What are these?

In certain categories such as Beechcraft/Single/Twin, Beechcraft/Hawker/King Air, Cessna/Twin Miscellaneous and Miscellaneous Cessna Part # we have listed parts in alpha numeric order identified by OEM or Vendor Part number. If you have a vendor or OEM part number you may find what you are looking for in this section. You may also enter the number in the search window.

The part I want to buy is not priced.

In some cases due to manufacturers price adjustments that may be in progress or new bulk inventories, not all items are priced. Please call or email us for a quotation and we will provide current pricing.

How do I use the Search feature?

If you know the airframe or vendor manufacturers part number you may enter it in the window. Pay close attention to spaces and dashes (-) in the part number.

We have found that in some cases less is better and in the case where you may only have a partial number this may be a helpful tool. If your part number does not come up drop the prefix or suffix and search again or just enter the prefix and a dash or space and all possible suffix combinations will come up which will narrow your search.

Internet Privacy

Information you submit is treated as private and confidential and for the purpose of supporting your customer relationship with us. It is used only for the purpose of sending your orders and catalogs, and to contact you in the event further information is required to process a purchase. We consider information regarding you or the products you purchase to be private and not to be disclosed or sold to any outside organization.

Internet Authentication

We are registered with a site identification authority. This SSL Web Server Certificate enables your browser to confirm our site's identity before any transmission is sent. This means your data reaches your intended target. Also, your browser can notify you (prior to sending any personal information) if the potential receiving site looks suspicious and should be avoided.

Secure Transmission of Data

Upon entering the Shopping Cart Checkout or the Secure Order Form, industry standard SSL technology is used to provide a safe and secure shopping environment. All sensitive information such as credit card details, name, address, is encrypted. This means that information passed between your computer and our Web site cannot be read even in the event it is intercepted by someone else.


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