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Cessna Replacement Parts - Control Cables / Chains Sold Each

McFarlane Aviation Products designs and manufactures nearly 2000 different quality FAA-PMA parts. McFarlane products are engineered to be superior in quality, have a longer service life and still be more affordable than the corresponding OEM aircraft parts.

The part numbers in the listings below correspond to OEM part numbers. Please click on the Application Guide and Product Information below for addition information.

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Categories » Cessna » Cessna, Single and Twin » Cessna Flight Control Cables and Chains, Sold Individually


MC002-524028-21 Cessna Flight Control, Cable/Chain, Elevator Tab
Cessna Flight Control, Cable/Chain, Elevator Tab
MC002-524028-23 Cable
CABLE/CHAIN, Elevator Tab
MC002-524028-25 Cable
CABLE, Elevator Tab
MC002-524028-9 Cable
CABLE, Elevator Tab
MC0400107-1 Cable
CABLE (Wheel To Aileron)
MC0400107-10 Cable
CABLE (Flap Control)
MC0400107-104 Cable
CABLE (Rudder Control)
MC0400107-105 Cable
CABLE (Elevator Control Up)
MC0400107-109 Cable
CABLE (Elevator Control Down)
MC0400107-10S Cable
CABLE (Flap)
MC0400107-11 Cable
CABLE (Tab Carry Thru Forward)
MC0400107-111 Cable
CABLE (Tab Carry Thru Forward)
MC0400107-113 Cable
CABLE (Elevator Tab Aft Direct
MC0400107-114 Cable
CABLE (Elevator Tab Fwd Direct
MC0400107-117 Cable
CABLE (Aileron To Wheel)
MC0400107-118 Cable
CABLE (Aileron Carry Thru)
MC0400107-12 Cable
CABLE (Tab Carry Thru Aft)
MC0400107-121 Cable
CABLE (Aileron Carry Thru)
MC0400107-122 Cable
CABLE (Flap Extend Forward)
MC0400107-123 Cable
CABLE (Flap Retract Forward)
MC0400107-126 Cable
CABLE (Flap Retract)
MC0400107-128 Cable
CABLE (Tab Actuator To Disconn
MC0400107-129 Cable
CABLE (Tab Wheel To Turnbuckle
MC0400107-12S Cable
CABLE (Tab Carry Thru Aft)
MC0400107-13 Cable
CABLE (Elevator Tab Aft Direct
MC0400107-130 Cable
CABLE (Tab Actuator To Turnbuc
MC0400107-131 Cable
CABLE (Aileron Control)
MC0400107-133 Cable
CABLE (Flap Retract-Fuselage T
MC0400107-134 Cable
CABLE (Flap Extend)
MC0400107-135 Cable
CABLE (Aileron Control)
MC0400107-137 Cable
CABLE (Flap Retract Forward)
CABLE (Flap Retract)
MC0400107-139 Cable
CABLE (Flap Extend Forward)
MC0400107-14 Cable
CABLE (Elevator Tab Forward Di
MC0400107-140 Cable
CABLE (Flap Extend Fuselage)
MC0400107-141 Cable
CABLE (Aileron Control)
MC0400107-142 Cable
CABLE (Elevator Tab Forward Di
MC0400107-143 Cable
CABLE (Elevator Tab Carry Thru
MC0400107-145 Cable
CABLE (Flap)
MC0400107-146 Cable
CABLE (Flap)

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