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XPW-G Granitize Aviation Polymer Wetcoat Polish, 1 Pint
XPW-G Granitize Aviation Polymer Wetcoat Polish, 1 Pint
Granitize Aviation Polymer Wetcoat Polish, 1 Pint,  Polymer Protector for Painted Surfaces (Formerly Racer's Edge) 
  • Polymer Wetcoat provides a rich, deep wet look on exterior aircraft surfaces. This tan crème is used on painted or painted composite surfaces and also may be used on aviation acrylic windows. It contains polymeric resins that provide extended paint protection and UV-50 blockers to protect against the sun even at high altitudes. Application service life is six to twelve months depending on flight, environmental and parking conditions. Can be applied by either hand or machine. Available in pints or gallons. Aviation Industry Certified*
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