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XO5-G Granitize Aviation Conditioning Creme Polish
XO5-G Granitize Aviation Conditioning Creme Polish
Granitize Aviation Conditioning Crème Polish, Light Duty One Step Cleaner and Carnauba Polish. Light to Medium Strength Cleaner and Polish. (Replaces XW1CL-G)

Conditioning Crème Polish is a light to medium strength cleaner and polish. This light orange one-step product cleans and conditions at the same time and gives the painted surface depth and protection. It contains mild abrasives and carnauba wax which restores painted surfaces to a like-new finish by removing light blemishes quickly and effectively which also minimizes work time. Also works great in paint restoration. Recommended as the follow-up product to use after using Granitize XMP-S Metal Polish on painted surfaces to restore older paint to new and postpone re-painting jobs. Can be applied by hand or machine. Available in gallons only. Aviation Industry Certified
Price: $34.95


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