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TRIBOLUBE2N Trobolube Teflon Grease
TRIBOLUBE2N Trobolube Teflon Grease
TRIBOLUBE2N Grease with Teflon, 8 Ounce Tube, Ai Aerospace Lubricants
  • Wide Temperature Range, -100F to +450F
  • Extreme Pressure
  • Low Friction
  • Anti Wear Synthetic Grease for High Speed Miniature Ball Bearings
  • Heavily Load Ball, Roller, and Spherical Bearings and Gears
  • MIL-PRF-83261C
Applications: Aircraft Actuators, gears, gimbal rings, oscillation bearings, antifriction and plain spherical bearings. It is especially suitable for use in applications using miniature bearings. Blower motors, motor generators, plastic clutches and gears, servo motors, microwave ovens, speedometer cables, motorcycle and automotive distributors, typewriters, business machines, etc. Other applications include subfractional horsepower gear motors, camera drive systems, microswitch assemblies, reduction gears and scientific instruments.

Price: $269.00


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