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720 Safe Heet Engine Preheater Kit
720 Safe Heet Engine Preheater Kit
Safe Heat Engine Preheater Kit

For aircraft engine models:

Teledyne Continental:
O-470, IO-470, LIO-470, FSO-470, TSIO-470, GIO-470, IO-520, GTSIO-520, LTSIO-520, IO-550

Avco Lycoming:
O-540, VO-540, TVO-540, IO-540, HIO-540, AEIO-540, IGO-540, IGSO-540, IVO-540, TIO-540, LTIO-540, TIVO-540, AEIO-360, VO-360, IVO-360, TIO-360, TO-360, TIO-360, LTIO-360, TIVO-540, and IO-720

SAFE-HEET is a thin flexible pad that is bonded to the engine oil sump.  The kit is complete with materials and step-by-step instructions.  A log book entry is all that is required for permanent installation; No S.T.C. or 337 form required.  There are no airframe modifications required.  SAFE-HEET can be used with a timer or the 707 temperature controller, and uses standard 110 A.C. voltage.  We recommend using the SAFE-HEET 707 Temperature Controller  to cure the adhesive for faster installation.

SAFE-HEET puts the heat where it is needed with very little loss to the surrounding atmosphere.  The air inside the engine is heated by the warm oil sump.  The warm air goes up and the cold air goes down, your engine is heated from the inside out.  It uses about 300 Watts which costs about 3 cents per hour to operate.  Less than 1 hour will generally warm the engine oil from subzero to safe easy starting temperature.  The entire engine will be warm in 2 to 3 hours.  The adhesive is thermo-conductive, and the metal foil heatsink is vulcanized to the pad for even heat transfer.  SAFE-HEET reduces costly starter and engine abuse during cold weather starts.

The addition of the 709 Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and surge protector now makes our engine pre-heater the safest unit available.  With ground fault and surge protection the chance of dangerous and undetected lightning and mechanical damage that could cause lethal electrical shocks or engine damage is eliminated.  SAFE-HEET uses U.L. recognized components and a 100% thermo-fused element.  The element itself shuts down the flow of electricity if any point on the element overheats.  SAFE-HEET is thermostat controlled to maintain oil sump temperature less than 160 deg F.  There is no flame or hot air to burn paint or plastic parts.  The risk of fire associated with cold starts is reduced.

All SAFE-HEET Engine Heaters are warranted for one year from date of sale to the original consumer against defects in workmanship and materials.  The manufacturer's only obligation shall be to repair or replace at the manufacturer's option the product provided it is returned transportation prepaid to the factory within one year from date of sale to original consumer.  Defects or failures due to incorrect installation, improper voltage, improper usage or handling, or any other condition beyond our control, as to any and all of which the manufacturer will be sole judge, are specifically excluded from this warranty.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights.  You may have implied warranty rights which vary from state to state.  No other liability of any kind, arising from the use of the product, whether defective or not, is assumed.

  • Do not plug engine heater in before installation.  Heater will be damaged.
  • Do not use without the SAFE-HEET 709 Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor.
  • Do not neglect your heater. Periodically inspect for proper grounding, security and cord condition.
Price: $198.00


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