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Improve your engine starting — hot or cold. SlickSTART™ unleashes a firestorm of ignition energy to get your engine started and get you off the ground. SlickSTART is so effective, even sub-optimal fuel mixtures and seriously fouled plugs won’t stop the capacitive discharge output from providing the ignition boost your engine needs for reliable starts every time.

SlickSTART™ is designed to replace all TCM/Bendix starting vibrators used in conjunction with Champion Aerospace Slick products and TCM/Bendix magnetos.

SlickSTART™ is also approved for use with Slick and TCM/Bendix impulse coupled magnetos to enhance engine starting performance. However, the best starting performance is realized when SlickSTART™ is
used in conjunction with a retard-breaker magneto (Slick or TCM/Bendix).

SlickSTART™ is not approved for installation on any airframe equipped with TCM/Bendix D-2000 or D-3000
series impulse coupled or retard breaker magnetos.

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SS1001 Slick Start System, For Use With Slick Magnetos
Slick Start, For Use With Slick Magnetos
SS1002 Slick Start System, For Use With TCM/Bendix Magnetos
Slick Start, For Use With TCM/Bendix Magnetos

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